Blasting and Powder Coating in Springfield, MO

Choose Crump for your Blasting and Powder Coating Needs

Crump Blasting and Powder Coating provides blasting and powder coating services from small to industrial sized items. Powder coating is a great option for protecting and beautifying metal objects, with your choice of color and sheen. Blasting removes rust and old coatings to prepare surfaces for powder coating or paint.

Bring us your automobiles and parts, lawn furniture, motorcycle and ATV parts, fabricated structures, pipes, antiques, gates, bicycle frames, trailers, wheels, and more. Almost anything made of metal is a candidate for blasting and powder coating. Our experienced technicians can offer a quick turn around and fair pricing; keeping you on schedule and on budget with your restoration or production projects.

New Service Update for Crump Blast and Powder Coating!

Crump Blast and Powder Coating now has available for our cabinet blaster glass bead media for items three feet or smaller. Glass beads are an all-purpose blasting media that can be used for removing paint, rust, scale and surface residues from a multitude of metallic objects.

Reasons why customers prefer glass beads for blasting:

  • Glass beads are chemically inert.
  • They leave no ferrous or other undesirable residue on the prepared surfaces.
  • When used by our professional technicians, glass beads leave a controlled and clean finish on items you want restored and renewed.
  • Glass bead media is great for blasting stainless and aluminum metals, leaving a smoother profile.

For questions, or to get a bid on your items that need cleaning/ removal of old paint and rust, please call or message us today!