Frame Repair Services in Springfield, MO

Crump Will Straighten You Out

“It’s impossible”

Really that means “You need to take it to Crump Truck & Trailer!”

With some of the most highly trained Frame Technicians in the business, we begin where a lot of shops end. Not only does Crump Truck offer the best absolute best in frame straightening services, but we also have a full-service body, chasis, suspension, and alignment shop. Everything you need to get your vehicle back on the road and back on the payroll can be found under one roof at our shop located at 1905 E. Commercial St, Springfield, MO.

Frame straightening is only the beginning at Crump Truck. We can shorten and stretch your vehicle, along with offering custom fabrications to your heavy truck frames.

“It’s impossible!” is a phrase never spoken here!

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