History of Crump Truck & Trailer Works, Inc.

For a hundred years, Crump Truck has been in Springfield, Missouri, taking care of customers’ vehicles. In 1923 with help from his wife, Charles Crump, who was apprenticed as a blacksmith and buggy repairman, built and started our company not far from the downtown square in Springfield.

During the decades, and several partners that followed, Crump Truck has grown from its humble beginnings to being a staple for vehicle repair in southwest Missouri. The business continued to add to its services to include body and paint, frame straightening, axle repair, mechanical and electrical, and so much more!

In 1960, while under the leadership of Don Yount, the company was moved from the original downtown area to a much larger facility that could handle all the additional services customers were wanting from a modern shop. Then, during our golden anniversary, the business moved again to its current location so that we could better accommodate the larger trucks & trailers that we service today.

While Crump Truck & Trailer Works, Inc. is one of the oldest businesses in the Springfield area, our legacy continues to expand. Over the more recent years, we have added vehicle upfitting, commercial media blasting and powder coating to our services, along with mobile repairs through our United Axle franchise.

Yet, after all our growth and success, Crump Truck’s newest chapter might be our largest endeavor to come. With the acquisition of land near the I-44 interstate corridor that’s four times the acreage of our current footprint, this new Springfield property, and building to come, will not only increase the capacity of our current services, but will offer new repair and parts sales options.

Thank you to all the employees and customers that have been involved during nearly a century of operation! Our hopes and goals are for Crump Truck & Trailer to continue offering high quality services and repairs. From owner-operators to fleets, RV users to municipalities, along with everyone in between, Crump Truck strives to be your destination shop for the repair work you need. Done right.