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Crump Truck & Trailer and United Axle

As a service center of United Axle, Crump Truck & Trailer Works, Inc. now offers truck and trailer axle spindle/ spider repair and replacement services using United Axle’s innovative patented process with the revolutionary serviceable spindle.

Crump Truck’s veteran team of spindle repair and replacement technicians are master certified by United Axle. They have had in-depth training in United Axle’s system and are equipped with a mobile, self-contained service vehicle that has all the tools and technology necessary to repair or replace your spindle at either our location at 1905 E. Commercial, your business or service shop, even in emergency situations.

Save Money. Reduce Downtime.

Because of United Axle’s revolutionary spindle with a threaded end and an axle tube machined with integrated threads, the spindle replacement can be done quickly on-site and costs approximately one-sixth of the price you would pay to replace the entire axle housing.

Unlike traditional spindle repair techniques that can ruin the housing for future repairs, United Axle’s spindle repair process is repeatable. After the initial spindle replacement to thread the axle tube and tighten down a threaded spindle, future spindle repairs and replacements can be accomplished normally in even less time.

The process is faster, more convenient, and lower-cost than other methods of spindle repair.

If the spindle ever requires replacement again, all that’s necessary is to cut the retaining weld and remove the damaged threaded spindle, thread a new spindle into the axle tube and weld it in place.



Watch the video below to see how we replace spindles.

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